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Right now the Internet is blowing up in developing countries like India and China. Sure they have some cities that are already online, but these two countries have more people than the entire rest of the world. They have only just begun to hit the tip of the ice berg when it comes to getting people onto the Internet like they already are in America or Canada.

That means they will all be able to see your dating ads. What dating ads you ask? Well, the ones you are going to put up for the Date Match adult dating affiliate program. You don’t need a lot of traffic per site. Just keep making new sites on your own domains you buy and on subdomains of sites that allow you to blog on their domain like

After a year you will want to quit your date job so you can spend more time making yourself rich and less time making somebody else a enough money to buy the $200 million dollar yacht they have been eyeing lately.

This is a chance to really change your life and be your own boss. Best of all you don’t have to pay for anything. It is all free accept for the domain names and Godaddy will give you your first one for less than two bucks!

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