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I can hear the tongues wagging as soon as my date and I entered the restaurant. The men were all staring at my date and so were the women. Why? I’ll be as straight forward as I can my girl was by far the sexiest babe in the room and they knew it. Even since I first started using a escort in Frankfurt I’ve been living the high life and loving it.

I think we all want to be noticed in life. We want to portray that we’re an elite type of guy that’s always having the time of his life. That’s all part of being a real man so to speak. Now what gets me the most is a large percentage of men just settle for whatever they can get. They never go out of their way to get a girl that compliments them, it just pissed me off that this happens.

It’s like settling for a well done steak when you asked for a rare one. Speaking up, confidence, even just having a certain swagger about yourself is going to get you noticed by those so called "elite" women. Don’t take my word for it though just try a few simple things and see what works best for you.

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